Green Wien

A Solarpunk vision of Vienna in 2040

How would Vienna look one and a half decades from now if we learn to deal with the climate crisis and adopt many sustainable solutions? What if we have sufficient renewable energy, if my fruits and vegetables didn’t have to travel long distances and my children could play in meadows without crossing a road? Many answers to these questions can be found on the lush green roofs of Vienna.

The 'Green Wien' project is an independent media initiative creating a sustainable vision for the city of Vienna. The goal is to emphasize the integration of green spaces, sustainable technologies, and architectural innovations to foster a harmonious coexistence between urban living and nature.

Short film release: Spring 2024


csrTAG 2023 - 19th of October 2023

Green and Blue Building Conference 2023 - 8th of November 2023

CIMIx 2024 - 18th of January 2024

UIV - Urban Innovation Vienna "das Forum" - 13th of March 2024

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What is Solarpunk?

Solarpunk is not just an aesthetic movement; it's a vision for a positive future. In contrast to the dystopian narratives often found in Steampunk or Cyberpunk genres, Solarpunk envisions a world where humanity lives in harmony with both technology and nature.

Unlike Cyberpunk, which often critiques society with a cynical lens, depicting megacities in desolate landscapes, Solarpunk strives to create a world where people genuinely want to live. It rejects climate pessimism and capitalist realism, focusing on creating a hardcore positive future.

"Solar" refers to the use of renewable energy, and "Punk" signifies a rejection of the established zeitgeist. It's a movement for social justice and inclusion, aiming to make cities accessible and livable for everyone, regardless of their background or social status.

Realizing the Solarpunk vision requires collaboration and engagement. Individuals, communities, governments, and businesses can work together to create sustainable solutions. It's about sharing ideas, learning from each other, and implementing innovative projects.

Solarpunk is not a fantasy; the technologies and solutions already exist. The challenge is to implement them widely, and everyone can discover new applications for a sustainable future.