Make you need me

“Make you need me” is a virtual reality music video for the avant garde pop band “5k HD”. A rocket is transporting you with tons of electronic trash to a Dump in Space. Out of gravity you are floating through scrap like broken TVs, mobiles, toys and other electronic waste.  Like an artificial intelligence the devices come to life and play a desperate lovesong for you.

Awarded by "Artist in Residence ORF", "Pixel, Bytes und Film" and the "Content Award Vienna", the VR experience celebrated its premiere as part of "Innovation Bridge Europe" at "SXSW2022".

Making of "Make you need me"


After the Ortwein collage for graphic and communication design and illustration, Samuel Traber studied media sciences and film in Vienna. Since 2010 he has been working as a freelance artist and creative director of the collective "FuG" and "PICKS". His concepts primarily serve film, video and new media with a focus on 2D and 3D animation.
His video and photo work has been commissioned by festivals such as Ozora, Cyva, Cannes Film Festival, Sound:frame, Elevate and many more. He entered the early stages of FPV drone racing and, as media director, invented the Red Bull DR.ONE as well as FPV Airmasters. He recently converted his music video directing knowledge into VR and AR experiences.

Philipp Gosch

is a software developer and 3D artist with focus on virtual and augmented reality as well as gamification. As part of the Sketchfab Masters program he is a well known name in the indi game industry.

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Matthias Kassmannhuber

Sound designer / Original sound master / VR audio engineer