Gold Of The Desert

Tania Saedi shows her acting talent in the music video for her song “Gold of the Desert”. Without make-up, she tries to grasp the feeling of self-discovery. In a chase through an endless forest, lost and search party merge and lose themselves in Magritte-inspired surreal imagery.

Make you need me

“Make you need me” is a virtual reality music video for the avant garde pop band “5k HD”. A rocket is transporting you with tons of electronic trash to a Dump in Space. Out of gravity you are floating through scrap like broken TVs, mobiles, toys and other electronic waste.  Like an artificial intelligence the devices come to life and play a desperate lovesong for you.

Awarded by "Artist in Residence ORF", "Pixel, Bytes und Film" and the "Content Award Vienna", the VR experience celebrated its premiere as part of "Innovation Bridge Europe" at "SXSW2022".

Making of "Make you need me"

5k HD

When 5K HD presented their debut album "And To In A" in 2017, a band appeared out of nowhere that was immediately referred to as a supergroup - all musicians are no strangers and fused a live force that created a mood at pop festivals and were celebrated as virtuoso sound inventors at jazz festivals. Hardly any other band is so free, takes so much liberty and manages this musical balancing act. 5K HD sounds futuristic, fragile, epic, brutal, playful, menacing, cinematic, distorted, loosely flaky, dope, bad ass, sensitive. 5K HD is a catchy and euphorically disturbing pop and high culture experiment that's entirely laptop-less, even if it often sounds like the opposite. The skills and background of these musicians is so wide and deep that they can actually do whatever they want. It's one of those bands that you don't reasonably ask what kind of music they make.

Matteo Molina was shooting a video for SUPERIOR by Schmieds Puls, a solo project of front singer Mira Lu Kovacs.

Followed by that, PICKS connected with 5k HD to shoot the video to "In, Out".

"We tried to film the band as if they were trapped in the device you're watching it on. Whether on a mobile phone, a tv or in a cinema, the singer looks ready to burst through the glass at any moment." Samuel Traber - video director.

In the follow-up project, we wanted to draw attention to modern devices again. Strictly speaking, electronic scrap. We also wanted to try something new with new media: virtual reality. Read more in our "Make you need me" article.

Elevate Festival

The aim of the festival is to create a better understanding of the most important issues of our time and to discuss groundbreaking alternatives, innovative projects, and various initiatives in the realm of civil society, social movements and dedicated activism.

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Otto von Schirach the triangle-born, Miami based IDM and Breakcore musician talks fruit fetishism, spirituality and how to become a fruit god. Get the vibe on his EP

In, Out - 5k HD

We did a music video with the avantgarde pop quintet. Our thoughts revolve around the feeling of being locked in with oneself and also being trapped in a screen.


The 4th birthday of tattoo and art studio Create in Graz has been canceled due to a Covid lockdown. Still, we had to celebrate somehow. So we invited some of our favorite artists to dance alone at Creates Studio, only cheekily painted by graffiti artist Fati from hfa-studio. "Renegate" is the result. A music video to announce Soia Music's latest album "Spitual Housekeeping".


CIVA, Vienna’s new media art festival, aims to show the potential of artistic approaches in interaction with science, technology, the global society.

Titled “Embodied Structures,” the second edition of Vienna’s media art festival is devoted to the body and its multiple and ever-changing identities.

The second edition will take place from February 18 to 26, 2022, at Belvedere 21, Stadtkino Wien, Volkstheater, and online. While most of the program is free of charge, prior registration is required for some works due to limited space capacities.

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The festival activities focus on the link between auditive and visual media in the context of art and culture interdisciplinarity.


The Ozora festival established 1999 at a total eclipse transformed to an alternative reality. The Picks crew supports the official after movie as well as single artists. Meet you at the main stage!