Many years of experience in the fields of design, textiles, architecture and business motivated the founders to found the Herrenschatz brand. The designers only create and produce what they live by themselves and only share what they love. In the so-called Herrenschatz design power factory in a historic industrial hall in the middle of Düsseldorf, genuine one-of-a-kind items are created for men - handmade, unique and extremely comfortable to wear. HERRENSCHATZ Work & Leisure Wear includes men's worlds with a strong character - from products made of raw work denim, genuine leather, high-quality woolen fabrics, natural linen and cotton to solid silver jewelery and solid shoes.

Herrenschatz is much more than just fashion, rather it is a philosophy of life and attitude to life that is expressed through our products. This philosophy of life can be experienced in the Experience Store.


Create Tattoo Studio

The tattoo studio based in Graz and Klagenfurt breathes color. From regular exhibitions, graffiti sessions, t-shirt printing to music video shoots and new media installations, the creative crew is always in action. Their studios, known as galleries, are a dynamic platform for creative minds. Don't worry, they never forget to have a good party in between.


Snow Giants

Simon Beck makes snow art - on a grand scale!
PICKS followed him to the Austrian Alps to document the gigantic works of art before they were destroyed by the sun and wind.

Micro Galleries



Art Unanchored

We captured and updated this series of festivals in interactive youtube experiences. Unfortunately in 2015 youtube killed the announcement options. Here some examples

Simon Beck

British snow artist and a former cartographer. Referred to as the world's first snow artist, he is primarily known for his landscape drawings and sculptures created from snow and sand.

David Leitner

Visual artist from Austria. Often staged and with a surreal twist, they aim to create an illogical space, referencing forgotten photographs of the past and putting them into a contemporary context. 


Illustrator, urban artist and graffiti artist from Austria. He is known for his characteristic dissection, cross-section, x-ray and translucent styles.