Gold Of The Desert

Tania Saedi shows her acting talent in the music video for her song “Gold of the Desert”. Without make-up, she tries to grasp the feeling of self-discovery. In a chase through an endless forest, lost and search party merge and lose themselves in Magritte-inspired surreal imagery.

Create Tattoo Studio

The tattoo studio based in Graz and Klagenfurt breathes color. From regular exhibitions, graffiti sessions, t-shirt printing to music video shoots and new media installations, the creative crew is always in action. Their studios, known as galleries, are a dynamic platform for creative minds. Don't worry, they never forget to have a good party in between.


Branding on another level. Austrian art director Heinz Enzo Ploder has his own approach on transforming identities. Enzo is dedicated to sustainable technologies and, together with Christof Global Impact, is establishing an incubator centre for green solutions in Dubai.

Wolfgang Schwarz

3D Artist specialized in Industrial Design, Motion Graphics and Visualization. Passionate about combining those skills in digital art and animation.

Simon Beck

British snow artist and a former cartographer. Referred to as the world's first snow artist, he is primarily known for his landscape drawings and sculptures created from snow and sand.

Dorian Concept

Austrian composer, producer, and keyboard artist, whose work draws on an eclectic variety of sources including modal and free jazz, funk, hip-hop, and electronic, ambient, and soundscape music.

David Leitner

Visual artist from Austria. Often staged and with a surreal twist, they aim to create an illogical space, referencing forgotten photographs of the past and putting them into a contemporary context. 

Andreya Triana

An experimental and self-taught singer and songwriter. An unique vocalist, one woman show using a sampler to loop vocals, percussive sounds and beats live.

Otto von Schirach

American IDM and breakcore musician. Of Cuban and German heritage, he grew up in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami and heavily incorporates elements of Miami bass into his music. 

Philipp Gosch

is a software developer and 3D artist with focus on virtual and augmented reality as well as gamification. As part of the Sketchfab Masters program he is a well known name in the indi game industry.

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