Livin’ Streets Festival

A street art festival in Graz

A few years back, the Taggerwerk in Graz was hardly a place to be associated with beauty or virtuosity. To the eyes of passersby, the long abandoned feed mill offered a bleak landscape of tattered walls, grey towers and … not much else. But art is known to thrive in hopeless places. Chosen as the main location of the Livin’ Streets Festival 2014, a platform for artistic projects in the fields of urban arts, graffiti and street art, the Taggerwerk and its surrounding area quickly transformed into a place of concentrated creativity. The giant buildings provided the perfect canvas for enormous murals, painted by some of the most talented street artists from around the world. Our crew took the opportunity to document the process of breathing life and color into the cold, dead grey.

Stinkfish from Columbia was the first to arrive at the scene, demonstrating his technique by converting a disused postbus into a mobile artwork. Jaz, Ever, Nychos and other esteemed street artists followed to brighten up the desolate place with giant murals, resulting in a breathtaking mix of different styles concentrated in one area.

Today the Taggerwerk area is still filled with life, as it now accommodates different art and design studios as well as an indoor climbing gym.