FPV Airmasters

The buzz above

A young motorsport is taking the world by storm. Though its participants remain seated at the same spot during a race, hardly distinguishable from someone immersed in a virtual simulation, FPV-Racing is an air sport taking place in the real world, filled with as much high-speed action and adrenaline as any other. Equipped with special FPV goggles, the pilots adopt the camera view of their quadcopters, steering them through challenging tracks while racing against time and each other, or showing off their navigation skills at freestyle flights. The competing rotorcrafts are often homemade by the pilots themselves, who need to perfect their eye-hand coordination and reaction time to keep crashes at a minimum.

PICKS Magazine joined forces with FPV Airmasters and FPV Graz to cover different racing events, starting with FPV Airmasters Styria 2016 at the PS Racing Center in Greinbach that took place from 13-14th of August. After that we hosted a ONE SHOT competition, inviting pilots to send us videos that demonstrate their freestyle skills in an area of their choice. In November we were heavily involved in the organisation and coverage of another big FPV Airmasters event at the Messe Congress Graz. The next FPV Airmasters will take place at Red Bull Spielberg Ring as a FAI Worldcup at 29th of september. stay up2date here