Eduardo Villacis

Spanning the fields of drawing, painting and graphic narrative in general, the work of Ecuadorian artist Eduardo Villacis includes graphic novels, 3D animation and sequential art.

With his ambitious project “Smoking Mirror” Ecuadorian artist, illustrator, and graphic novelist Eduardo Villacis imagines a beautiful and bizarre alternate reality, turning the story of the European conquest of Aztec culture upside down. After the arrest of Columbus by Aztec authorities his navigational tools are used to colonize distant shores and establish a new world called “Amexica”. Originating from Villacis’ work on a graphic novel, “Smoking Mirror” was also exhibited in the form of a mock historical museum consisting of pastel and pencil illustrations as well as fake historical documents and physical artefacts. While quite comical on its surface the work confronts its viewers with heavy topics like racism, the exploitation of religious beliefs and ethnic/cultural destruction.