Art Unanchored

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The Art Unanchored Festival is an event like no other. As a mobile art platform taking place on a moving ship and consisting of live concerts/performances, movie screenings, art exhibitions and much more it transcends both, your usual Danube-tour as well as a simple visit to a museum or gallery. The team at PICKS tries to capture this experience with their project Art Unanchored Interactive. By capturing the wonders, excitement and madness of the unique floating Gallery/Festival and editing it into an interactive first person adventure, we want to give our audience a firsthand experience of what it is likeĀ  to be part of this amazing journey along the Danube. Move among the beautifully decorated ship, listen to live-concerts and have a chat with the artists themselves. Art Unanchored Interactive is also intended to be an appetizer for all the upcoming Art Unanchored Festivals that will occur in the years to follow. Visit their page here: